It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledging that the SGOC is finally coming into operational mode . Top class club facilities awaiting all the members to take benefits . I hope and expect all members to make best use of club facilities while following strictly its rules & Bylaws.

I, am confident that Management, Staff and officers of the club, will spare, no efforts in maintaining the highest standard of the club. It is their solemn duty to build upon the trust of its members and to uphold the good name, reputation and credibility at all times.

I wish Sindh Government Officers’ Club and its management all the success in their future plans. May Allah blessings be with you in all your endeavours.


It gives me a great pleasure to felicitate the honorable members and staff of SGOC on the hoisting of SGOC web page. The web will provide an ideal opportunity to inform and update the valued members / stake holders about the imprints of the futuristic steps and activities devised for the recreation and services of members and their house hold.

It is encouraging that SGOC is in a fast track mode and is speedily moving forward. SGOC has unique dynamics, where staff and its members put up collective efforts in complete union and harmony to achieve the goals of healthy and vibrant club life. Modernization and equipment of library to make it icon in its essence that will continually keep illuminating and providing guidance, inspiration and motivating our young generation.

I would urge the valued members to keep playing pivotal role in providing feedback and invaluable information through their regular presence in the club. A positive feed back will insure pragmatic policies to constantly improve the club facilities. I wish all the honorable members a very pleasant experience while using the club facilities

Currently the entire club team who is endeavouring to make this club a unique experience for its members. The club facilities are of high quality and members are encouraged to use them at their convenience.


The start of SGOC heralds a new hope and inspiration for a bright and shinning aesthetic experience for the members. SGOC with a changed format and reinvigorated vision is moving ahead. The web page of SGOC delineates the details of versatile activities, updates and futuristic plans. It is an exciting document.

There has been a change of “Guard” at the top. Mr. Ajaz Ali Khan has taken over the responsibilities of SGOC as new President. Insha Allah, will steer the club to new heights of glory and success.

It was the support, interest and cooperation of CMC and the esteemed members which kept me live and active for which I sincerely thank them. As always, I will be looking forward to suggestion and valuable comments of valued members to keep the show on the road.

May Allah Guide me in my endeavors to make the club active and fruitful. Ameen.


Founding Members

1. Mr. Mumtaz Ali Shah     (Patron in Chief)
2. Mr. Ajaz Ali Khan     (President)
3. Mr. Muhmmad Waseem     (Vice President)
4. Mr. Muhammad Saddique Memon
5. Mr. Rizwan Memon
6. Mr. Alamuddin Bullo
7. Mr. Naveed Kamran Baloch
8. Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha
9. Mr. Agha Jan Akhtar
10. Mr. Sohail Ahmed Rajput
11. Mr. Asif Hyder Shah


12. Mr. Agha Wasif Abbas
13. Ms. Rehana Ghulam Ali Memon
14. Mr. Imran Atta Soomro
15. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah

EX Officio Members

16. Additional Chief Secretary (Chairmen), P&D Board
17. Secretary Finance
18. Secretary (GA), SGA&CD
19. Secretary, Work & Services
20. Commissioner, Karachi.
21. Deputy Commissioner, South Karachi.

Management of Club

Club would be managed by a Management Committee.
PATRON-The Chief Secretary shall be patron in chief of the Club, who shall appoint a managing committee of founding Members, Secretary and ex-officio members as a management committee. Once notified, the committee shall remain in office for three rears.
Upon expiry of three years, the chief secretary will notify the management committee for next three years consisting of same or new members. The management committee shall submit an annual report about the club to the chief secretary, who may give advice for any improvement.

MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE The Management committee shall comprise of President, vice president and committee members, domiciled in province of Sindh, from amongst the serving or retired officers belonging to PAS,Ex-PCS and PSS (BS 20-22). At least one officer from each service (PAS, Ex PCS and PSS) shall always be the member of the committee.

Ex-OFFICIO MEMBERS Following officers will be Ex officio members of the Management Committee. Chairmen P&D board, Secretary Finance, Secretary Works & services, Secretary General Administration, Commissioner Karachi and Deputy Commissioner south. In order to effectively manage the affairs of the Club, a Management Committee is formed vide Sindh government notification number Dev (SGA&CD)-3(1530P1- and on 25 October 2020. All members of the Management Committee will be deemed to be Life Members of the club.