Sindh Government officers Club is inaugurated on Jan 2019. it has three properties , an area of 7500 Sq yard + 2.5 Acers land and Tennis court of Bathisland located at G.O.R Bathisland. It has many indoor and outdoor sports facilities to provide relaxation. Club also provide excellent food with impeccable services to its valued members..


  • The need for a Club was felt in 1988 when a Club namely "Civil Services Club was Registered and Established.
    • General. The Sindh Government Officers Club (SGOC) consists of the Following properties:-
      1. Government Plot with main building consists of all sports & dining facilities.
      2. Government Plot with Tennis & Squash court.
      3. Land measuring 1.5 Acers with 4011 Sq. Yards at Mai Kolachi Road (for guest accommodation and function hall.)
    • The support extended by the former and present Chief Secretary Sindh Mr.Muhammed Siddique Memon and Mr. Rizwan Memon as well as Mr. Muhammed Wasim ACS (Chairmen P&D board) will always be appreciated for making the establishment of SGOC possible. Efforts of all committee members for framing of By-Laws, purchase of furniture/equipment, hiring of staff, appointment of Secretary and preparation of financial model of the Club is commendable.
    • The Club by virtue of its size, location and facilities plays a pivotal role in providing social, residential and recreational facilities. Encompassing most of the sports activities within one perimeter is primarily a retreat for the members, who wish to spend some time out of their busy schedule at a quiet place for study, leisure and sports activities. It also offers modern facilities of SPA.
    • In order to provide maximum facilities to members at affordable cost, the club would operate as a "Non-Profit Organization".


  • Our dedication in building outstanding customer experience is founded in our commitment to integrity, smiling hospitality and wholehearted spirit in all that we accomplish. Our focus remains on personalised services to the utmost satisfaction of our members. By striving a balance between care, reliability and entertainment,.We pledge to provide warm,sincere and engaging services to ensure that our members feel valued.
  • Dining

    A classic dessert, breakfast, a light snack, or a proper meal – the Club curates an eclectic selection of cuisine to keep members and guests spoilt for dining choices. Featuring several dining spaces including the splendid main dining hall ,open BBQ and bakery with fast food, the Sindh Government Officers Club is a regular dining choice for our members and their guests.


    The core of the Sindh Government Officers Club experience is it’s recreational facilities and events. The Sindh Government Officers Club is fully equipped for sports and holds ongoing events such as special dinners nights, seminars and get together. The Sindh Government Officers Club also has a full service Salons and a modern library.

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