Covid-19 SOP’

  • When at practice or in competition, any unnecessary contact should be avoided such as handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, or elbow bumps.
  • Keep each player’s belongings separated from others’ and in individually labeled containers, bags, or areas.
  • Hand hygiene should occur before and after each activity.
    1. Hands should be cleaned before and after using sporting gloves.
    2. Gloves should be cleaned after each use
  • Activities that increase the risk of exposure to saliva must not be allowed including chewing gum, spitting, licking fingers etc.
  • If food is offered at any event, have pre-packaged boxes or bags for each attendee instead of a buffet or family-style meal. Avoid sharing food and utensils. Offer hand sanitiser or encourage hand washing.
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    COVID-19 SOP's