Rules & Guidelines


If you are planning to visit the Club, please be sure to review the Dress Code and follow the other relevant Club Rules listed below.

Dress Regulations/Code

Day-time 7Am to 10Pm

  1. For any, lounge or dining area Trouser with collar shirt, trouser with collar bush-shirt , safari suit. Combination of trouser collar shirt and coat National: shalwar qameez with waist coat.
  2. Shoes or moccasins with socks and sandals with straps are allowed.
  3. Sports shirts , jeans, T-shirts and joggers of any type are not allowed in the main dining hall and any lounge.
  4. Dress regulations for all sports facilities arc laid down and are to be observed strictly.
  5. Jeans and T-shirts with collar are ONLY allowed in the BBQ area, cinema. And outdoor categories.
  6. Shorts are not allowed to club building except sports areas. However children under the age of 9 may wear shorts.
  7. Strapless Sandals are not allowed under a circumstances.
  8. Members and guests will not be allowed to use the Club if dress code is not followed. Polite message of NO SERVICE will be served to them by the staff.

Definition of Dress Type

Use of Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

The following Policy for use of Electronic devices and Mobile phones inside the Club’s premises shall apply to all Members, their families and guests.

General Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines must be observed:
  • The Club premises are reserved for the members. Only members may introduce guests into the Club, subject to the Club Bye-Laws.
  • Any Persons who is not entitled to use the facilities of the Club shall not be allowed either directly or indirectly, to entertain guests at the Club.
  • Members may bring their guests to the Club subject to the following conditions;
    1. Guests shall always be accompanied by the Members, who shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    2. Any person who has been debarred under the rules of the Club, cannot be introduced as a guest.
    3. The members shall ensure that their guests are of the status acceptable to the Club.
    4. It is incumbent on members before introducing guests to ascertain that Bye-Law is not being infringed.
    5. Gentlemen must always wear socks unless dressed in Casual or Active Wear attire or wearing sandals with back straps or it is specified otherwise.
  • Children Dress Regulation:
    1. Club dress regulations are applicable, at all times to children above the age of twelve.
    2. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Main Dining Hall unless accompanied by parents. Children above the age of 12 may enter the main Dining hall and must be dressed as per Club dress regulations.
  • Sports Coaching. Club Secretary will ensure that proper sports coaching facilities be made available to members and their households. In the absence /shortage of well-trained coaches, Secretary Club may appoint a well-trained attendant for the coaching facility to the member / households and guest members. Coaching timings, coaching charges and its further distribution will be at the discretion of the concern Club Management.
  • Damage To Property. Any person permitted to use the Club causing damages to the property or fittings shall pay in full the cost of replacement and repairs. In case of deliberate damage, the case of person responsible may be referred to Club Executive Committee for further disposal.
  • Dogs & Pets pets are not permitted in the Club premises.
    1. Maids / Servants / drivers are not permitted to roam in the Club premises with Club Member.

Prohibited items

  • It is strictly prohibited to enter the Pool wearing loose clothing of any nature, Tee shirts or other clothing resembling Tee shirts or track suit-type bottoms.
  • There may not be any impolite or inappropriate words or remarks, slogans or slang on any form of clothing worn anywhere inside the Club’s premises.
  • Clothing may not be torn, untidy, dirty, un-ironed or unkept.
  • Gentlemen may not wear sleeveless tops except in the gymnasium.
  • Gentlemen should not wear obvious or excessive jewellery.
  • No briefcases, business papers or other business accessories may be brought into the Members’ Lounge, Billiards Room, Bridge Room, Main Bar, and the Banquet Hall at any time. All such items should be left at the Main Reception at the owner’s risk.